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Mark Starford


Mark is a chartered member of both the RIAS & the RIBA, and has over 20 years experience of both small and large scale projects ranging from one off houses to large scale award winning urban regeneration projects. Mark has a keen interest in Architectural Heritage and is accreditted as an RIBA Conservation Registrant

Curriculum Vitae

Working with.......

Working with Nature


Nature exists in everything we encounter and at MSCA we believe that modern buildings are indeed heading "Towards a New Biological Age." This thinking is often prevalent within modern Architectural design, whether it is the materials with which our modern buildings are constructed, our old buildings are refurbished, or the way buildings are planned so as to be comfortable whilst also minimising fuel bills through the use of passive design. Recent examples of this can be seen within Mark's technical solutions (whilst employed by BSB), for various sized zero carbon projects in Peterborough, such as the HCA carbon challenge site and plot M (Code for Sustainable Homes Level 6), on the award winning Edgewood development at Hampton Vale West.
Working with our historic buildings


Regardless of age, every building has its own story embodied within the fabric of its walls, and sometimes this story must be conserved. With older buildings, it is important to bear in mind that the construction techniques and materials used prior to 1919 differ greatly in their performance than the modern building materials of today. It is only by understanding this that we can look to upgrade the fabric of older buildings so that they may provide modern levels of accommodation. At MSCA we approach each architectural heritage and conservation project on the basis of ICOMOS guidelines whilst also fully considering the original building or conservation area within which they are located.

How can we help you?

If you are considering any work to your home, restoring an old building, or even building a brand new one and would like to take advantage of a free initial consultation, I'd be happy to come and meet you to discuss the benefits of good architectural design.