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Main Services Overview

Architectural Feasibility Studies


An Architectural Feasibility Study explores and evaluates the development potential of a site or building in line with the clients own project brief. These studies are often used to assess various factors such as function, cost, viability, as well as other factors to help our clients understand their project and its potential value from the outset.

Architectural Sketch Designs


At MSCA we are well versed in various forms of computer aided design software, and are able to produce detailed design drawings in 2D or 3D if required. But of course, design always starts with an idea, and an informed concept that captures the context of the development. At MSCA we always start our design approach with a review of the existing site and its surroundings, ensuring that the Architectural solution provided is bespoke to each client.

Help getting through the red tape


At MSCA we will take you through the complexities of the planning and building regulations minefield. By acting as your appointed agent, we will speak directly to the relevant bodies on your behalf. Formal applications will be submitted using electronic portals, and any queries raised will be responded to on your behalf.

Historical Research


Mark is an accreditted RIBA Conservation Registrant and has a keen interest in the history of our built environment. Historic buildings in the UK make up more than 20% of the UK housing stock, and each one of these has its own story to tell. Mark can often be found at the regional archives researching the stories behind some of these buildings, whether it is for a heritage impact assessment for planning consent or just out of interest for the buildings current owner.

Professional Advice



Whatever your experience, Mark is happy to help all clients through the maze that is the UK building industry. Advising on all aspects from when you need to appoint other consultants, to ensuring compliance with statutory legislation and how to go about selecting a building contractor.

Architect in the House


Mark is proud to have participated in the Architect in the House Scheme in 2012 & 2013. Under this scheme he got to meet members of the public and chat through the feasibility of their ideas for home improvements, in return for a small charitable donation. Unfortunately the scheme has ceased, but Mark is still happy to meet householders in their homes to discuss their plans.